Friday, June 17, 2016

The Queen is Dead; Long Live the Queen: Hubris is Her Achilles Heel

It would seem that Bernie is asking us to support the Democratic nominee in defeating Donald Trump. That is the easy part: who doesn't want to eradicate the evil maniac orange menace? Bernie goes on to speak about his meeting with Secretary Clinton. He indicates that he will try to get for our movement commitments from the possible nominee to make the Democratic Party progressive and dedicated to the needs of all Americans, even ones with less than a billion bucks. I love Bernie Sanders as much as anyone here. I have campaigned, written, argued, thumbs upped, displayed lawn signs, driven 1500 miles from Vermont to North Carolina and back with a blinking Bernie sign in my back window and cheerfully donated repeatedly to the cause. I was able to attend a rally with my wife and 20 year old daughter. My older daughter attended a rally and caucused in Maine. We are all clearly in the ring for Bernie and our revolution. Here is the dreaded, "however." How do Bernie and the Political Revolution squeeze the breaker of glass ceilings and lover of billionaire corporations, the Republican Conservative "Democrat" to concede any Progressive ideals to our movement? How do you get someone who has spent a career networking with the world's rich and powerful, who has a hedge fund manager for a son-in-law, who accepts contributions from the most heinous, greedy and destructive industries, to begin to care about ordinary working people? She has scarcely if ever cared before. What incentive is there for her to change her spots now? Unless the FBI discloses some of its findings soon (nobody can predict if or when that will happen) she appears to be in the catbird seat. She thinks she does not need us, Bernie, or our revolution. What is in it for her? Bernie believes this election is about all of us, not just about Bernie Sanders. Clearly Clinton and Trump are concerned only with ego gratification and their own personal aggrandizement. That is my takeaway and I do not think I am wrong. Clinton is soliciting money and support from so called "moderate" Republicans, the Jeb Bush/ John Kasich wing if you will. She has no use or need for us, Bernie, our progressive movement, and least of all our ideals. She offers two reasons to elect her. She is better than Trump (talk about a low bar) and her gender makes her self- important imagined legacy vital. Hubris is her Achilles Heel. My thesis is a question: Why in the world would Clinton shift left when she is clearly a center right conservative candidate? The queen of expediency would only spit out empty promises at best in a cursory token sop toward the few Bernie supporters she thinks she can recruit out of fear of the Boogieman. Her strategy is clearly flawed and false and unless the evil orangutan does something so stupid to derail himself (I do not think there is any depth of stupidity that he has not already expectorated and gotten away with it) she will certainly lose. She clearly overestimates her appeal to voters and underestimates the anger, frustration and hopelessness of the American people. The proof of her arrogance is her inability to exercise clear reality assessment. This is distinctly evidenced by the significant gravitation of fed up voters to the hideous game show host. If the status quo was serving people, they would never even consider the horrible cartoon buffoon.

For the rest of us Bernie or Bust diehards, I suggest we reject Hillary and devote our time and energy to electing progressives wherever possible. We need to position ourselves for 2018, 2020, and beyond. The Jack is not going back into the box. We are here to stay and manifest. As for me, I am going to "waste my vote" by voting for Bernie Sanders as a write in if I have to. If Trump wins, don't blame me. Blame the Democrats and their delusional queen with her fictitious glass ceiling. We do not need a woman President; we need good President: gender, race or background notwithstanding. This year we finally have a genuine alternative to the same old bull shivers and the Democrats appear to have blown it.

So folks, my advice is to not get our hopes up. Vote for Hillary if you fear the "reaper" enough, and there is plenty to fear. Vote for Trump if you are a lunatic racist fascist angry hateful hopeless soul.

Hubris, arrogance and bad judgement may have allowed an Orangutan into the Oval Office. Who is going to clean up that mess? To borrow a TV show title and adapt it to recent historical Presidential politics, I fear that "Orange is the New Black."
No further explanation is needed.