Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What's in it for Her? A Bad Case of Hubris

                                                                                                                                                                              Ozzie and Harriet go to a party with the Intrepid Donald Turmp and his Lovely Wife

It would appear that Hillary Clinton had not much to offer Bernie Sanders on their Tuesday night meeting.

She is trying to woo Sanders supporters and Jeb Bush/ John Kacich "moderate" Republicans for her center right candidacy.  She has always been there despite attempts to co-opt Bernie's Progressive message calling herself a "Practical Progressive."

Once again she has lied to us.  As Gomer Pile would have said, "surprise, surprise, surprise!"

I am going to be pretentious enough to aspire to give Mr. Sanders some friendly advice from one of his most ardent supporters:  Do Not Endorse Hillary Clinton!

Hillary has a bad case of hubris.  To think she can negate the political revolution fired up by millions of Americans who have had enough of not having enough and then expect their support is insanity.
Yes, she is as nutty as Trump.  Difference is she does it by stealth, cunning, and manipulation.  Trump just blares it out like a raving lunatic.  Which is worse:  Take your pick.  I think it is a tossup.

Bernie must make an Independent/ Green / Progressive run.  Otherwise we are locked out of the process and expected to choose between two conservative corporate billionaire .1% presumptive pretenders.  Each is deep in legal trouble and neither is fit to be dog catcher, let alone President.
We have worked hard, donated joyfully, campaigned tirelessly and we deserve better!

Bernie will be in three way debates if he mounts a third party challenge (unless he wins the Democratic nomination which is still possible.)   The FBI has yet to speak and the Democrats may have to realize at some point that their prematurely crowned queen is weak, has no pizzazz or constructive policies, and is damaged by her horrid failure to observe protocol protecting classified information.  Do these factors disqualify her to beat the Trumpster let alone be President?  I think so.

We will split the vote three ways with Bernie either winning outright or getting a clear plurality.
Remember, Independents who overwhelming support Sanders constitute 42% of the electorate.
The Dems and Reps account for only around 25% each.  No one can deny that Bernie and his supporters are the only ones who will be able to generate substantial voter turnout.  We need that to beat the Republicans.  The time is now to press on even with greater effort and determination all the way to the General Election.  The two old parties, Democrats and Republicans, are DOA but just don't realize it yet.

I know about Bernie's promise to endorse the Democratic nominee if it is not him.  However, Hillary consistently has broken promises, snubbed of millions of progressive Sanders supporters, and audaciously (with the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Shultz)  suspiciously engineered  massive voter "irregularities" nationwide.  Something is rotten in America and the odor emanates from the Democrats and their yet uncrowned queen.

The Trump stench is another matter altogether which wiser people than me (the media?) have discussed ad nauseam and will continue to do so I expect.

Simply put, we can do better and deserve the chance to try.

Worse case would be for Bernie to endorse Hillary and come away with empty promises or nothing at all.

Next worse case, Bernie's third party candidacy fails and one of the two evil orange maniacs slithers into the White House.   If that should happen, Bernie or another strong Progressive will be well positioned to take it in 2020.   I would bet on Bernie.

Also, a third party run would help elect Progressives on the down ticket races, a key to the political revolution.  We have to think beyond July and even beyond November to the future legacy we are creating.  We are the future and must position ourselves appropriately.  A vote for Clinton or Trump will be counter productive to our movement.

People will argue the lesser of two evils spiel:  Trump is dangerous and we must unite behind the also dangerous Clinton to block Trump.  I say, let Trump be the Republicans' headache.

We have too much to do than to choose between one of two disingenuous conservative nutcases.
The people who vote for Hillary to block Trump have their reasons and I would not deny them their opinion or vote.

For me and I hope you, Bernie or Bust!