Monday, June 13, 2016

Aziz Rubakovic Meets Bernie Sanders in Coachella Valley, California

This post came from a comment I made on the current edition of  the Bernie Blog

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(Bernie held a rally in Coachella Valley, California, a town where no politician had spoken in 60 years.  5000 people showed up for the gala event in which Bernie delivered his customary impassioned speech about economic and social justice, wall street, wages, health, climate, and so forth.  Mr. Aziz Rubakovic, an avid supporter attended, met the man and exchanged words of wisdom. He reported on the event including spectacular uplifting photos, please see Bernie Blog.)

+Aziz Rubakovic Thank you for sharing your meeting with Bernie at the rally.  Being fortunate enough to live in Vermont I have had the honor of meeting and talking to Bernie a few times.
The thing is: that is Bernie, now and 30 years ago.  Same guy, same genuine purposeful dedicated passionate honorable guy.

I am moved by your story of your meeting with Bernie and even more so by your impressions of how Bernie's message has affected and inspired you and millions of others, many young people like yourself and even some old hippies like me.

People refer to the hideous Reagan as transformational. I have to admit that is accurate.  Here's the thing, Bernie Sanders is the most transformational American since the "anti-Bernie" Reagan.
Bernie has ignited a movement and awakened in common working people the spark of dignity that once was our birthright.

He has illuminated the obscene income and wealth inequality which staggers the imagination.  He has challenged us to believe we can elect honest representatives and reminded us that peace is desirable. We now dare to affirm that we can rebuild our country, create jobs and clean energy, give ourselves healthcare, provide the opportunity for education, pay a living wage, and work together to end bigotry and hate.

These lofty concepts were espoused 72 years ago by Franklin Roosevelt in his Economic Bill of Rights.  Since then other leaders to one degree or another have pushed some of these plans.
Indeed, from post World War II to the mid 1970's we were much closer to living those ideals than we have been from 1980 to 2016 and trending further away all the time.

Bernie has awakened the people and disturbed the establishment like a tidal wave.  The genie of the Political Revolution is out of the bottle and it will not be pushed back in.

The giant contribution of this humble man is that he proved that we can be competitive financially. Furthermore, on all other levels such as passion, dedication, and sheer numbers we have the edge.

The long term effect of the Bernie Sanders phenomenon will be the reversal of the Reagan transformation to something like a contemporary New Deal.

One more thing:  If Bernie does win the nomination, which for many reasons notwithstanding  the Clinton media machine he is still positioned to do, take a moment and contemplate a Sanders administration leading and inspiring an enduring political movement and powering a long overdue American recovery.

Where there is life, there is hope, so the expression goes.