Wednesday, March 16, 2016


                                                                                                   March 16, 2016


    K.C. Shepherd

    What Bernie Sanders is Not:

1.  He is not insincere.  Even folks that disagree with him acknowledge his honesty.

2.  He is not wealthy.

3.  He is not a taker of PAC and special interest money.  The only favors he owes are to the                 American  people.

4.  He is not a shill for special interests:  the billionaires, banks, fossil fuel industry, armaments           makers, private medical insurance, and Big Pharma.

5.  He is not oblique and evasive.  When there is nothing to hide, transparency is easy.

6.  He is not a climate change denier.

7.  He is not a Middle East war hawk.  He believes in a strong national defense and comprehensive      homeland security.  He sees the folly of regime change and will not send American troops to
     meat grinders which only people of that region would be effective fighting.

8.  He is not a Communist despite the claims of Trump and other uninformed disinformation                  mongers.

9.  He is not anti-capitalism.  Bernie's Democratic Socialism resembles Franklin Roosevelt's New          Deal.

10.  He is not a "drug warrior."

11.  He is not a naive dreamer.  His programs are developed, detailed, and realistic.  Americans will       save money and the economy will thrive.  When the people are impoverished, they cannot
      spend.  Without discretionary income, our consumer based economy would eventually collapse.

12.  He is not a "free trader."  He knows as do millions of working Americans the tragedy and                  disgrace of losing good paying jobs to China, Mexico and other third world countries.

13.  He is not a destroyer of immigrant families through deportation.

14.  He is not disingenuous in his support of racial justice and opportunity.  He marched with Dr.              King and fought for housing desegregation in Chicago.  He respects and engages members
       Black Lives Matter and other activist groups and people.

15.  He is not a short term thinker.  Expanding college availability, rebuilding the infrastructure,                health care as a right, and growing the middle class are keys to the long term future of a strong        America.

16.  He is not without faith and religion.  Bernie is proud of his Jewish heritage and believes in a             connection with all people.  He is empathetic toward any person in need.  He lives by the
      Golden Rule, not the rule of gold.

      What Hillary Clinton is Not:

 1. The inevitable candidate.