Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easy To Be A Straight White Guy

I posted the following in a community called Progressives in response to the claim that it is easy to be a straight white guy and say a Republican presidency would be as bad as Hillary.
This is also in response to those who say that opposition to Clinton is based on the perception of her as a career politician and insider and that she is a woman.  How absurd is that?

My post:

I do not oppose Secretary Clinton because she is a career politician or a woman. I oppose Clinton because she and her establishment Democratic supporters have chosen to disenfranchise voters in caucuses and primaries around the country rather than deal fairly with much larger than expected turnout.  I oppose Clinton because she is untrustworthy. I oppose Clinton because she has co-opted many of Bernie Sanders progressive ideas, yet will pivot away when it is expedient for her. I oppose Clinton because she is a dangerous regime changing war hawk. I oppose Clinton because she accepts money from the very institutions poisoning our political process and our planet. I oppose Clinton because she believes she is inevitable (she believed in her inevitability in 2008 also.)  I oppose Clinton because she supported NAFTA and the war in Iraq.  Finally, I oppose Clinton because she and Bill moved the Democratic party to the right furthering Reagan/ Bush deregulation and eroding of New Deal and Great Society ideals.

Do not fool yourselves.  Men and women, white people and people of color, straight and gay people share my sentiments.  Aversion to Hillary Clinton is not born of privilege but of considered judgement.  I for one do not support a "status quo" president.  Consider where that has gotten us over the last 25 to 30 years.  

Clinton has won the South by overwhelming numbers.  It is easier to schmooze the African American community as the Clintons are so adept at doing than to have marched with Dr. King and been arrested in support of housing desegregation as did Sanders.  Sanders has a 100% rating from the NAACP and enjoys the support of many prominent African Americans such as Nina Turner, Spike Lee, Dr. Cornell West, and Killer Mike to name a few of the more well known.  Winning the South garnered many votes and delegates for the Secretary.  However, it is unlikely that any Democrat will carry that part of the country in November.

If by now you do not "Feel the Bern" I will most likely not be able to persuade you:  even in a community called Progressives.  Bernie Sanders is not the target of an FBI investigation involving 150 agents and a potential breach of National Security.  Sanders would beat Trump or Cruz by much larger margins than Clinton and most likely help Democratic Senate and Congressional candidates. Bernie is trusted and liked by greater numbers than any other candidate of either party.  Even people who disagree with him praise his honesty and authenticity. He is without a doubt the strongest Democratic candidate going into the general election.  Clearly, Bernie Sanders is the best chance to avoid a Republican Presidency which, I think we can agree we do not want.