Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bernie Who? The Establishment is Watching…


If we don’t make it and the establishment does, what will either non indicted criminal do with the reins of power?  Will we be living in the reign of terror?  Is a “Hard rain a gonna fall?”

Bernie who?  In March 2015, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, having come to the conclusion that no legitimate Progressives were running for President, made the decision to throw his knitted hat into the ring.  His first rally in Burlington, VT on the waterfront drew 5000 for their former mayor.  The next rally in Portland, ME drew 7500.  My daughter felt the Bern there.  One would think these two opening rallies alone would have stimulated interest from the news, but they were strangely absent.  That began a pattern which has continued to this day.  

Interestingly enough, the large crowds followed Bernie everywhere he spoke around the country.  The local son was becoming a national icon.  All this happened under the long nose of the Clinton DNC machine which had already crowned HRC HRH (Her Royal Highnass.)  The “Bern” would burn itself out they confidently believed.  It did not.

In his simple humble way, Bernie touched a nerve in America pointing at the outrage of the extent of wealth and income belonging to the nefarious point one percent.  He reminded us that we could all have health care, a decent living wage, free state college tuition and afford it very well.  He allowed us to believe that we could get out of endless foreign regime change quagmire wars.  He made us realize that we are entitled to have basic human dignity and a decent working life and retirement.  Most importantly for posterity, he has sounded repeatedly the alarm about climate change and the perils of moving too slowly to address this raging reality.  The Sanders campaign proved that an honest man could afford to run for President based on millions of small contributions from ordinary Americans who were fired up by the Bern.  Feel it.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a national political revolution was born, formulated, and launched into action.  We all know the tactics used by the DNC and the corporate media to stifle the campaign.  Cheap shots, demeaning disregard, regal self promotion, media ignorance, and suspicious voter hanky panky were their response to the political revolution.  Debates were scarce and usually scheduled on weekends when TV viewers are few. 

Hillary and even the great and wonderful Donald were being outdrawn by thousands around the country by the 74 year old Democratic Socialist from a small, rural New England state.  The establishment could not have been rejoicing.  What is happening?  How could it have happened?  Why?

The ancestors of this political revolution were the hippies of the 1960’s and 1970’s anti war pro civil rights love children.  We ascended rapidly and blazed out faster.  However, I am confident we planted seeds.  The spark of the current political revolution rose up from the ashes the Occupy Wall Street movement four years ago.  Now, in the 2016 election cycle an unlikely hero has fanned the flames into a major Bern widely felt. 

We are approaching the Philadelphia Democratic convention, a time for important decisions.  Contrary to the Clinton camp efforts, Bernie is still leading the political revolution determined to defeat the queen of mean.  The DNC, the Clintons, and the media have already televised her glass ceiling victory speech.  Our revolution, as the convention unfolds, will be televised this time.

Large numbers of Bernie and Bernie or Bust supporters will be at the convention.  I too am fed up with the unfairness and demand to have my say.  I urge Bernie people, “Go for it!”  You have earned the right and the duty.  The political revolution will be heard over the din of breaking glass and celebratory shills.

Not to bring up 1968, but will this be another Chicago?  I hope and believe I am contemplating a false equivalency.   I cannot believe we would cause violence though there might be some confusion if monumental numbers ensue.  This convention will not go unnoticed by the establishment if we prevail as we must and shall.  There is only one clean and certain alternative to the two criminal candidates and that is Bernie Sanders.  Period. 

Unfortunately, the establishment will not be content even if we lose.  With Trump or Clinton, the elitists win either way.  Not to rain on our revolution, but who will rein them in and who will be reined in?  If anyone but our movement gets to the finish line first, beware, look out, work effectively, strategize continually, and be ever vigilant.  We have to have each other's backs.

My point is, when it comes to suppression never underestimate the American Establishment Elite. They always follow the money and notice how it is raised.  What they cannot assimilate and subvert they crush.  They will never have enough and they fear, hate, and try to snuff out any hint of opposition.



re not a hint, we are the whole story.